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Tina Blue - Wild Luxury

Boutique - Tina Blue

Weihburggasse 22/Ecke Seilerstätte
A - 1010 Wien

Phone +43 1 8902777
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Italian designer fashion from
Elisa Cavaletti in 1010 Vienna

The unique and individual fashion by Elisa Cavaletti does not only keep us amazed, but also the customers of all ages. Smooth, flowing cuttings are part of every collection and give them a very specific note. These particular cuttings provide timeless elegancy and makes Elisa Cavaletti’s fashion simply outstanding.

The biggest Elisa-Cavaletti-depot in Austria

We are proud to offer our customers an enormous and various range of women’s clothing and accessories from the biggest Cavaletti-depot in Austria. Skirts, blouses, tops, jackets, overcoats, as well as earrings, necklaces, belts, handbags, boots and shoes are waiting to be discovered by you.

Countless unique pieces and the latest parts of new collections are represented in our boutique. Of course the customers are aware of how quickly they are sold out usually. This is the reason why we are so glad, that all the graceful, unique pieces are presented and rearranged constantly. It is worth to visit the boutique Tina Blue regularly!

Italian designer fashion by Elisa Cavaletti
Boutique Tina Blue